What is Chi? is it real?



This post is to help those of you interested in chi and chi development to understand what it is and how it works. First there is nothing mystical about it. It is not bullshit as some closed minded martial artists and some of the general public think. It gets down to simple physic and biology. Why is it not being studied? Simply there is NO MONEY TO BE MADE WITH CHI RESEARCH.  So if you want to explore it, then it is up to you. If you think it is bullshit click here and get a life.

Our body is a system of nerves all operating with an electrical current. The nerves like wires have aninsulator to keep them from short circuiting and current to flow properly.  The current is AC and depending on the nerve will vary in frequency. Any time you have electric flowing through wires in the presence of iron you will develop a phenomenon called induction.  Just like the winding of a transformer, which is wrapped around an iron core, the secondary wire develops and electric current without any physical direct connect. The energy created on the outside of the nerve from the current is what we call CHI. Very simply. When a current in one wire of a transformer is altered, the second wires current is changed also. Thus chi building, projection, and all the other energies associated with it. Whether you believe this or not has no relevance on whether it is real or not. It will never be studies as I have said because no one can get rich doing it. End of story.

I have been developing chi for over 25 years and teaching people how to do it. It is a person journey, and there is little I can do to advise you because you have to feel for yourself. And like anything else in life i you think you can you are correct and if you think you can’t you are also correct.  Below is a basic video to get you started.

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About the Author Grand Master Art

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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  • Dannie Lee says:

    thank you Master Mason ,this is exactly what I want to learn.all aspects of this art.ANY INFORMATION I CAN LEARN FROM YOU.WILL STUDY AND PUT IN ALL THE TIME IT TAKES..studying cycle of destruction now.and taking notes on everything.thank you so much ,Dannie lee

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